Social Media Integration and Advertisment

If you’re starting a company and you ask yourself, “Does my company need to do social media marketing?” or “How much should my company spend on social media marketing?” I would say to remove the term “social media” and ask those questions over again: “Does my company need to do marketing?” or “How much should my company spend on marketing?” (SMB p.565)

In today’s society, the fastest way to advertise and market anything whether it is a company or new apartment complex or in my personal case, my blog page, it is through social media. It is instant, provides instant feedback, and there are so many different options that you can advertise and market on.

  • Facebook

Facebook is probably the most popular way to advertise. It provides users with creating their own page for whatever they are choosing to market and then after that you can pay money (the more money the more advertisement) to have your page advertised on Facebook. Next time you log onto Facebook look on the right hand side at all of the ads, which is where your pages ad would be.

  • Twitter

The second best social media advertisement would probably be Twitter. Its pluses are that it is quicker than Facebook and allows people to follow everything you say and literally provide instant feedback and is very phone-user friendly. The cons compared to Facebook are that you cannot provide a detailed page like you can on Facebook and the only advertising and marketing you can get it by doing it yourself and connecting and tweeting at other people.

The Social Media Bible says that one of the best ways to integrate your advertisement is by putting all of your social media networks on your business cards. If you want Twitter followers they have to know it exists and you have to tell them to follow you. Also create a social media e-mail signature so that you get all feeds and don’t miss a beat.


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